Anahita Skye is a modern day songstress with a blend of sultry rock and melodic pop with an infusion of soulful undertones emanating from her Persian/American roots. Her voice carries a breadth of range and chilling sentiment and has a unique sound reminiscent of a modern Chris Isaak and Stevie Nicks.

Growing up as an Iranian-American in a small town, she felt a bit of an outsider at times; Anahita now embraces her heritage and past tribulations, weaving them seamlessly into her music. She has given herself the freedom to make music that is honest and truly her own, empowering listeners to find power in vulnerability and our shared search for strength, meaning, and identity in a complicated world.   

Anahita is currently working on her 4th EP, set to release Spring of 2019. Songs on this EP embody powerful, evocative motifs of self-discovery, resiliency and fate.