Anahita Skye is a modern day songstress with a blend of sultry rock and melodic pop with an infusion of soulful undertones emanating from her Persian/American roots. Her voice carries a breadth of range and chilling sentiment and has a unique sound reminiscent of a modern Chris Isaak and Mazzy Star. By her early teen years, she was writing, performing and recording songs inspired by 90s rock icons Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

She pursued music in college, during which she was given the opportunity to tour the West Coast and Europe as a member of the Fullerton Guitar Orchestra. Since then, she has continued her career as a songwriter, released 3 EPs, toured nationally and has written for numerous pop, indie, and EDM artists.

Her evolution as an artist has taken many turns, from performing as a solo-acoustic artist to experimenting with pop and house genres. She is an artist who embraces the complexities of life and the possibilities and risks associated with embracing the nuances. Through the course of her music career, she has learned to re-author parts of the cultural identity once lost, which you can hear in songs such as “Meant For You” and “Set Fire”.

She is currently recording and releasing singles in 2019, embodying powerful, evocative motifs of self-discovery, resiliency and fate.




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